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Currency & Exchange in Egypt


The official currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound and is abbreviated to EGP and L.E.. LE is the most common abbreviation in Latin script and comes from the French name livre égyptienne, but according to ISO 4217 the official abbreviation is EGP.

The Egyptian pounds are divided into 100 piasters and the Egyptian banknotes are divided into 0.25, 0.50, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 und 200 LE / EGP subdivided.


You have the possibility to exchange money already at your house bank, but at a worse rate than directly in Egypt.

Another or even the first and better suburb option to exchange money in Egypt from your currency into Egyptian pounds, is available in the airports of Egypt at the ATMs located there. Please never exchange money on the street or with merchants!


So you can exchange or exchange money directly at the airport, at the machine in Egypt or directly in a bank branch or even with us – we also offer this special service to our guests.


The faster and easier way to get Egyptian pounds is to go directly to the ATM. You can conveniently go to an ATM with your Debit or Credit Card and withdraw money from your account and get Egyptian pounds paid out immediately. However, fees may apply for the transactions themselves, the amount of the fees depends on your bank and should be checked before travelling to Egypt.


A few small tips what you should consider if you want to exchange money during your holiday in Egypt

If you want to change money in the banks or also exchange money at the ATMs, you should make sure that (if possible) not only large notes but also smaller notes are given or paid out. This has the simple reason that it allows you to easily pay for taxis, small purchases in supermarkets, souvenir shops and bazaars and you also have the right tips for hotel staff, restaurants and cafes.

In the souvenir shops, especially in front of the hotels, you also have the possibility to pay with your currency, but it is still helpful to pay in the local currency in Egyptian pounds (Basically we do not recommend to use these shops in front of the hotels, because they are mostly endlessly overpriced and usually also poor quality lead). Also for taxi rides, you should negotiate the price beforehand and after arrival at the destination, give the driver, if possible, the money appropriately. Since most drivers otherwise claim that they can not change, it is not recommended to drive a taxi alone if you here in Egypt have no experience with it and therefore do not know the process of a taxi ride.

The currently exchange rate

1 Euro = 19,72 LE

1 USD = 17,41 LE

These data are without warranty, because the exchange rate is constantly changing it´s only a guideline!


Summary of the exchange of money in Egypt

  • The best way to exchange money is locally, at the airport, bank branches, ATMs or with us.

  • prefer to pay in the local currency in order not to pay too much for nothing

  • Cashless payment by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) is usually only possible in hotels and facilities and sometimes very expensive in terms of transaction fees.

  • save small money for the occasional Bakschisch / Tip

  • Never store larger amounts together with Credit and Debit Cards and your Passport / ID card on your body, but keep them safely in the hotel safe box.